Featured Project: Fred Hutch

BRAND strategy | SHORT FILM | Infographic design | Photography

Seattle-based Fred Hutch, a national leader in cancer research, came to us with two related challenges: First, help them explain the complex field of immunotherapy to patients and donors in a simple but compelling way. Second, help them humanize and differentiate their unique approach to next-gen research.

Our discovery process quickly landed on a powerful unifying theme: Where next-gen research joins hands with cancer care. With every piece of content, we’d speak to both the head and the heart behind Hutch’s life-changing mission. From there...we dove in, learning from and collaborating with in-house teams and capturing stories. We anchored the content package with a video telling the powerful story of a leading researcher-doctor who moves fluidly from lab to bedside and back.


As a highly shareable companion piece to the video — and to shoulder some of the heavy lifting in explaining immunotherapy — we designed an eye-grabbing and richly detailed “Understanding Immunotherapy” infographic.




To paint an authentic, human picture of the Hutch as a place where hard science and compassionate care come together, we produced a series of short, social-media-ready “Heart of The Hutch” clips. Each clip features a scientist or staff member speaking about what makes Fred Hutch unique and fuels their passion for their work.

The Collective brought the perfect combination of smart strategy and artful execution to their work with us. They dug deep into the complexity of cancer research and emerged with a vision for communicating about our work in a truly differentiating way. The stories they captured were not only technically and emotionally beautiful, they were accurate and authentic to our mission, scientists, patients and staff. Everyone gets chills after watching their videos about our work in immunotherapy — that’s the hallmark of gifted storytellers. They know how to connect with an audience.
— Celeste Bernard, Sr. Director Design & UX, Fred Hutch

Rounding out the package is a series of dramatic B&W portraits with pull quotes to serve as “snackable” supporting content in social channels or presentation decks.


The client and their board sponsors were thrilled with the work. In the process of developing a fresh and compelling set of assets we landed on a powerful new way to tell their story. The team at Fred Hutch now plans to expand on this pilot, using our storytelling approach across their many other program areas.