David McLain

Every organization has a story to tell. The best stories inspire us to be part of something bigger: to make connections, take action. Real-world, well-told stories do this in a way nothing else can. I craft the visual stories that bring you cause or mission to life.

CaringBridge: How We Heal

A non-profit kick-starts a national conversation on healing. 


Toad&Co: Brand Ethos.

A clothing company enlisting real people to share the spirit of their brand.



Bounce: Feature Length Documentary.

Award-winning documentary takes a global view on a universal question: Why do we play ball?


National Geographic Magazine: Editorial Work.

Covering the world and its many wonders


Lytx:  Product Launch

Long-haul drivers speak to the benefits of a new technology.


Boldt: 125th Anniversary Book

A builder shows how the spaces we inhabit enhance communities and lives.


Sony: Make.  Believe.

Sony ambassadors expose their passion.


Merida:  Made In America

Connecting a high end product back to the workers who make it.


Athenahealth:  Humanizing Healthcare

An honest reflection of what the day-to-day practice of healthcare looks like.


Planet Dog:  Celebrating Employees

An intimate look at employees who love dogs as much as their company does.