Background, Summary and Approach

In 2017, CaringBridge was looking for a way to share stories of healing.They reached out to see if I would be interested in traveling the country to interview and photograph CaringBridge families in an attempt to better understand how they healed. It became much more than just an incredible assignment.

The people I met along the way were young and old… black, white, asian, hispanic…  republican, democrat…  rich, poor and everything in-between…  they were rural… urban, and suburban. They were America.

You see, accidents and illness don’t care about your politics or bank account. We’re all blindly and equally vulnerable in this way.

This project also struck a deep personal chord for me because I had just experienced the heartbreaking loss of my beloved father. For reasons we will never know, he fell straight backwards and sustained a traumatic brain injury. For six long months, my family and I found ourselves in a world of hospitals and caregiving and life-or-death decisions. Somehow, we jumped in and managed to navigate these difficult times, often by seat of our pants.

What if we had been able to see how a wide range of other people got through terrible things like this and could draw strength and find comfort from their experiences? This in essence, is what The Healing Project is: sharing the many ways people heal and making their collective wisdom available to others.  

It might seem painful to enter a world of people who have had bad things happen to them. Surprisingly, the opposite is true. Each person reaffirms just how much love and hope and compassion there is in the world. I think this is because healing is among the oldest human experiences. We will all need to heal different degrees at different times in our lives. The goal of The Healing Project is to become a resource of hope and inspiration for everyone in need of healing and to expand our individual and collective ideas of what healing is. With time, The Healing Project hopes to become a bridge between the science of healing and people’s individual experiences of it.