"I had to take care of the chickens. I had to physically go outside to be with them. They helped me forget what I was going through. It put me into the present in a different way."      


"His body is strong, but not coordinated. His mind is strong, and it is pulling things together. His spirit is strong, and he’s keeping a good attitude. You watch that and you say, ‘Yep, he’s healing.’"         


“There’s no reason to dwell on it and be mad about it, because I can’t change it. Even if I did know those things, my recovery’s the same. Finding out who hit me doesn’t help me heal any faster than I am.”                        


"I would go down in my garage with a piece of paper that said, ‘c-a-n-c-e-r.’ I’d tape it to my backdrop and I’d blow it apart with my airsoft machine gun. I was killing cancer."                                                                                     


“Healing starts from within yourself. The process is aided by the surroundings and people you choose. You want to make choices that are healthy, mentally and physically, for your mind and body.”


"We thought there was no way Andre could go through this much chemo and radiation—again—and still be on the field in 2017. So to see him go out for that first practice …"                         


"Just because I have all of these illnesses, doesn’t mean that I should just look super-sick. There’s no shame in trying to look as great as you possibly can, even when you’re not feeling good."       


"My understanding of the main work of healing is receiving love, and opening up to that. Medical treatments complement that, and can support that. But the essence of healing is really opening up to love in the world."


"As I was taking care of my self, I leaned on the traditions of my father. He had gotten very sick when I was a young boy but I draw strength from the fact that he stayed positive through his own recovery and his own journey."


One day I said to Spiro, ‘I think I have to become a nurse.’ I remember he said, ‘Why? You are a teacher.’ I said, ‘I can become a nurse and take care of people like you.                               


“The healing process for me is ongoing. Every day. I still have my bad days. I still have days where I just want to lie in bed, not get up. But knowing I can push through … that helps.” 


“After my treatment, I wasn’t strong enough to get back into running right away, so my Mom was like, ‘Oh, you should at least try swimming.’”                                                                                                    


“I named my brain tumor Joe Bully. He’s the worst bully ever. Joe Bully is really, really, really mean, and he messed with the wrong boy.”                                                                                                                                                                    


“Before Teddy’s accident, if you were to ask me what healing means, I would think of it in such simple terms … But now I know that healing is asking for forgiveness. Healing is humility.”                                                                     


For so many months, he was so sick, and unable to even move his arms and legs. He used to get mad watching his sister play because it was like, ‘Why can’t I do that?’ And now …