How We Heal

visual consulting, Director, & photographeR for  short films, video & image library.

“How We Heal” helped CaringBridge kick-start a national conversation on healing that earned more than 80 million impressions through media placements and reached three million people through social, email and onsite promotions. I partnered closely with CaringBridge's talented in-house team to shape the central idea and tell stories in still images and video that brought the project to life. 



Ordinary people facing extraordinary health crises share what has made them whole again.                                                                                                                   


HOW WE HEAL:  30 Stories. Words by CaringBridge staff writer Patricia McMorrow.                                                                          


HOW WE HEAL:  15-45 Second Stand Alone Videos For Social.


HOW WE HEAL:  Life Lesson Clips For Social.         

Short video testimonials share simple insights and hard won wisdom from people who know what its like to get through hard times.

David is so much more than a photographer. He is a collaborator who took a seat at the table with our team, and helped make every idea better. David blended into the woodwork, everywhere we went, only to produce 13,161 photographs, every one of which we wanted to feature. As I reflect on the beautiful stories of the real families, facing real challenges, that he captured in How We Heal, we are thankful to David for A) sharing with us his talent, wisdom and the ability to “think big,” shaped by his world travels for National Geographic B) managing to always be creative, and never be overbearing.

HOW WE HEAL:  Overview

The CaringBridge Annual report summarizes the work and impact it had.

It might seem depressing to enter a world of people who have had bad things happen to them.  Surprisingly, the opposite is true. Each person somehow reaffirms just how much love and hope and compassion there is in the world. I think this is because Healing is among the oldest human experiences, something we will all need at different times in our lives. The goal of the Healing project is to become a resource of hope and inspiration for everyone in need of healing and to expand our individual and collective notions of what healing is. With time, The Healing Project hopes to become a bridge between the science of healing and people’s individual experiences of it.
— David McLain